Conference Theme

Lifelong learning is an important constitutive feature of modern education and culture. It represents the vision that individuals will self-manage their own learning needs throughout their lifetime. However, there are serious conceptual and practical questions that remain unanswered with regard to the assumptions underlying lifelong learning:

  1. Who is a lifelong learner? There is an assumption that lifelong learning (LLL) is potentially useful for everybody. However, on what basis can/do we make such assumptions? What are the qualifications of the “candidate” of LLL?
  2. What is (lifelong) learning? Is lifelong learning a set of skills, attitudes, a set of behaviours or all three? How important is experience for LLL? Can we teach people to be lifelong learners?
  3. What contributions can lifelong learning professionals make to individuals, organisations and society? If we have interesting answers to the first two questions, we then need to be able to identify where and how lifelong learning professionals impact upon society

Aim of conference

The aim of the conference is to address the aforementioned questions. For this reason, the conference will involve speakers/researchers from different specialties, whose work impacts upon and is influenced by LLL: education of adults, special education, psychology, neuroscience, information technology and e-learning, philosophy, medicine, biology, counseling and professional planning. All oral presentations will last 20 minutes.

Special session

A special session has been included in the conference for postgraduate and PhD students. This session will provide students with opportunity to share their research with a wider audience.

Round table-open discussion

At the end of the conference an open panel will take place with the aim to reflect on conclusions reached and questions answered.

  • The proceedings of the conference published. In this regard, the attendance fee will contribute towards this publication.(registrationfee: 50 € participants and 10 € students).
  • Certification of attendance will be available for participants.
  • The list of speakers for our special graduate session in under construction.